Songs in Beyond Unrest

Many of these song will be used in the new documentary Beyond Unrest.

We Must March My Darlings (Single)

The Girl from Perkins Cove (Album)

Hey You (Album)

My Last Toxic Friend (Single)

A Christmas Card Relationship (Single)

Truth to Power (Single)

The Lady Upstairs (Single)

I Only Borrowed You (Single)

Hello New York, I'm Back (Single Remix)

Burn Every Bridge (Single)

Bullies (Single)

Existential Volume I (Album)

Swimming to America (Single)

Bigger Better Faster (Single)

Song for Jann Wenner (Single)

I Can't Do It All (Single)

I'm Not Aquarius (Single)

The Girl from Perkins Cove (Single)

Outsiders of the Universe (Single)

I Only Borrowed You (Single)

Hello New York, I'm Back (Single)

They're Coming for Me (Single)

You Will Not Be Shared (Single)

Hey You (Single)

You Can't Go Home Again (Single)

The Lady Was Really Hot (Single)

What If It's Me? (Single)

Let's Take Nashville by Storm (Single)

They Hanged a Boy Today (Single)

The Horses Know (Single)

Written in Blood (Single)

Didn't You Used to Be in the Music Industry? (Single)

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